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Mar 21, 2013 5:30am PDT
exactly what concrete comes out of this. thank you very much. the un human rights council has approved a resolution demanding that sri lankan government .nvestigate alleged war crimes rebels are accused of atrocities at the end of their civil war which lasted reggie six years. -- the issueiving strained relationships with india. proud, students from across chennai are making their feelings known and that the international community take a stand against sri lanka for human rights violations hearing human rights groups allege that there may have been were crimes committed during the final stages of the civil war in 2009. the conflict between the majority and the minority have been going on for 30 years and it's relieved that 40,000 civilians may have died. an independent investigation possibly led by the un can sri lanka says it will not allow the international community interfere in its internal affairs. speaking without his ear on condition of anonymity, a former fighter and schoolteacher hiding schoolteacher now in india spoke with us. >> i lost my child when a bomb exploded now my ho
Mar 17, 2013 11:00pm PDT
on the street is about to face its biggest legal challenge. a civil rights group is taking the police to court and claims the so-called stop and frisk policy targets minorities. >> in this east new york city neighborhood, crime and poverty are rampant but many young men say it's the new york police department they fear the most. >> how are you doing? >> i'm cool. >> all right, all right, all right. >> in fact, some were afraid to give their last names when describing their dealings with police. >> what's going on, leo? >> all right. how are you doing? >> i've had guns pointed out on me just based on the fact of my appearance, you know. stop and frisk, numerous times in one day, never find anything. it's just ongoing harassment, it seems. >> david has always been stopped and searched or frisked in his neighborhood of manhattan. >> it's scary, you know. when it's happening, it's embarrassing. the fear is always there. >> it's an issue i've been dealing with since i was 15, and it hurts. >> he is one of the people now suing the police over their stop and search tactics which have been we
Mar 25, 2013 7:00pm PDT
arguments that could set a landmark in the civil rights history. >> a test flight for the 7873 minor went according to plan. worldwide standards, fleets have been granted -- is grounded since january. the sinking of the naval vessel, they say that is what is killed in the attack carried out by north korea. cemetery,national they are very. how are is they've -- they being remembered? >> this is the third time that the gathering has taken place. it is a gathering of the families of the 46 sailors who died and survivors. we have seen military veterans, soldiers, sailors, schoolchildren. it will be senior representatives of the military and the government, not more senior than the the president. this is the second time that she will be making a major speech and there will be much attention focused on exactly what she says about north korea and the threat against any further provocation. they say this is evidence of what can occur. they deny that later that same year, two civilians and two marines killed in that attack. even the limited conflict that a lot of people are worried about that
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3